Numi Organic Tea Emperor's Pu-erh 16 Tea Bags

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  • Higher Caffeine
  • Bold, rich and malty
  • Pu-erh is traditionally used as a slimming tea and to aid digestion
  • 100% real, organic, non-GMO verified tea and ingredients
Pu-erh boasts a deep bold body that is smooth and earthy with hints of malt. This rich, energizing tea is deeply satisfying as a coffee alternative. Numi is proud to reveal the centuries old tradition of Pu-erh.

Brews a smoothly bold, dark cup of tea with energizing vitality and complex, earthy layers of flavor. Deeply satisfying as a coffee alternative, pu-erh tea has been treasured for centuries by emperors seeking health and longevity. Numi is proud to reveal the ancient tradition of pu-erh by offering a superior example of the secret healing tea in convenient tea bags for a regal steep wherever you may travel.

Pu-erh is an ancient healing tea picked from 500 year old organic wild tea trees in Yunnan, China. Pu-erh has more antioxidants than most green teas. Pu-erh tea leaves are piled, dampened and turned in a unique 60-day fermentation process, resulting in a deep earthly flavor and many health benefits touted for thousands of years. Tea enthusiasts drink Pu-erh for its rich taste and how it makes them feel.

Suggested Use

For the Perfect Cup:
Bring the wisest of waters to a boil and ease over a bag of Aged Earl Grey, steep 4-5 minutes. This tea is strong enough to handle milk, yet mild enough to be served alone. For iced tea, steep 2 bags, cool and pour over ice.

Other Ingredients

USDA Organic, Non GMO.

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