Hydrogen Peroxide Solution 3% Food Grade by Essential Oxygen, 8 oz

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Food grade hydrogen peroxide 3% USP solution

Essential Oxygen 3% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide is is an effective disinfectant for household use. Can be used to brighten laundry, wash fruits and vegitables, eliminate pathogens in plant soil, oral rinse, and fight germs for first aid. Product is free from toxins, tetra sodium phosphate, sodium stagnate, acetanilie, and phenol.

A solution of deionized purified water and 3% food grade hydrogen peroxide, this is a great solution to keep on hand. Spray or wipe on the skin. Do not ingest and discontinue use if redness, pain or irritation occurs.

Suggested Use

Directions: Use as a topical, oral and household antiseptic.

For external use only. The FDA does not recommend for internal use. Do not use in the eyes or apply to large areas of the body. On deep or puncture wounds, animal bites or on serious burns.

Other Ingredients


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Manufacturer: Essential Oxygen
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