Spirulina – packed with Nutrients you need

Spirulina –  packed with Nutrients you need

Spirulina – The World's Most Powerful Superfood

Spirulina is sometimes considered a herb because of its properties, but it's actually an algae. It is known as one of the most nutritionally complete superfoods, as it offers health benefits to almost all bodily function. It's low in fat and sodium, resists contamination by heavy metals such as lead when properly cultivated and more.
The two most common species used by us are Spirulina maxima and Spirulina platensis

Protein Concentration

This blue-green edible bacteria (Algae) is one of the most concentrated foods on earth, an amazing source of all 8 essential and non-essential amino acids, beta carotene, minerals and much more (we listed them below) 
Spirulina proteins are complete, since all the essential amino acids are present, forming almost 50% of total protein weight.

Natural Detox

Spirulina has a lot of chlorophyll, a powerful detoxifying chemical,  known to be effective at helping remove toxins from the body, and it is said to bind to heavy metals and such.

It promotes healthy bacteria in the digestive system, and improves the absorption of  nutrients in our food. Good  Spirulina is free of pesticides, herbicides, gluten and lactose. Non-GMO and Perfect for for vegans.

Its impressive protein content and its rapid growth in entirely mineral environments have attracted the attention of both researchers and supplement makers alike.

A wealth of good properties

Here are a few :

  • Iron,

  • Vitamins B-1, B-2 , B-3, B-6, B-9 , B-12 , vitamin E, and Vitamin K1 and K2
  • Minerals : potassium, chromium, copper, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, selenium, and zinc
  • Calcium, phosphorus and magnesium occur in Spirulina in quantities comparable to those found in milk. 

  • super-antioxidant and Protein: more than beef, chicken, and fish.
  • Immune system booster.
  • Carotenoids - indications that carotenoids have a range of effects against cancer, various extracts of spirulina have been tested for this benefit


Unless you live a certain distance from the equator and have access to a neaby alkaline lake, you will not be finding Spirulina anywhere but in a health food store. You will find number of brands of Spirulina that has been dried and processed into powder or tablets. Seek the good quality ones.

Spirulina thrives in such alkaline waters, and so it incorporates and synthesizes many minerals and derivative compounds into its cell structure.

Transformed into natural organic forms by Spirulina, minerals become chelated with amino acids and are therefore more easily assimilated by the body.
People have taken large amounts of inorganic minerals without benefit to health because the body does not know what to do with these incompatible forms. Lake Spirulina also avoids the sodium problems of other algae that grow in the sea, yielding low quantities of  sodium per tablet. The essential minerals and trace elements are absorbed from its growth medium into chelated, easily absorbed forms, our body can use.

The most visible element of Spirulina is chlorophyll, the green molecule found in plants. It releases ions when after getting energy from sunlight. These free ions then stimulate the biochemical reactions that form proteins, vitamins and sugars.
But even the blue is useful, and is an FDA approved food colorant.

So, consider adding this superfood to your diet, smoothies, or green drink. It's not expensive and is available in tablet or powder form.




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