POTASSIUM - Essential mineral you need

POTASSIUM - Essential mineral you need

POTASSIUM - mineral your body needs

Potassium is an essential mineral. It is required for the proper functioning of many major organ systems.
Potassium is a mineral found in many foods. Your body needs potassium for almost everything it does, including proper kidney and heart function, muscle contraction, and nerve transmission. 
Note that Potassium is a MINERAL ( not a vitamin) and it is not to be confused with VITAMIN K, which is different. 


Potassium is an electrolyte, which, as its name suggests, helps conduct electrical charges in your body, along with other electrolytes such as calcium, magnesiumsodium and chloride. Eating potassium-rich foods is important to help maintain a balance between the chemical and electrical processes in your body.
Potassium is essential for the heart, kidneys, muscles, nerves, and digestive system to operate normally, and is required for regulating fluid balance, the body’s acid-base balance, and blood pressure. Sodium and potassium work together. Too much sodium in your diet, especially found in processed foods, means you need more potassium.

How do you know if you are lacking ?

You know you are lacking if you have :  irregular heartbeat, muscular weakness and mood swings or even a sick feeling and vomiting. If you take diuretics you may have lower levels of potassium. Other gastro intestinal diseases also can affect levels.

Most fruits are good sources, especially BANANAS, as are dark leafy greens, potatoes and legumes. Mostly we get enough from our diet.

It's much better to get Potassium by eating whole foods that contain it, as opposed to taking a synthetic supplement.
However, if you are deficient, consider supplementation ( ensure you consult with your Health Coach or Practitioner first) 

Bananas contain high amounts of potassium.
An avocado contains twice as much as a Banana. On a very long list of all the foods that provide potassium, vegetables and fruits (and nuts) are the top, next are dairy products and meats,chicken and fish.

Eat a diet of whole, unprocessed foods, ideally organically and locally grown to ensure optimal nutrient content. This type of diet will naturally provide much larger amounts of potassium in relation to sodium.

Potassium Sources infographic

Found Naturally in whole food

Potassium is found in many foods including the following:

- Fruits, such as dried apricots, prunes, raisins, orange juice, and bananas
- Vegetables, such as acorn squash, potatoes, spinach, tomatoes, and broccoli
- Lentils, kidney beans, soybeans, and nuts
- Milk and yogurt
- Meats, poultry, and fish

Below is an accurate and detaile list. 

Selected Food Sources of Potassium 

(mg) per
Apricots, dried, ½ cup 1,101 31
Lentils, cooked, 1 cup 731 21
Prunes, dried, ½ cup 699 20
Squash, acorn, mashed, 1 cup 644 18
Raisins, ½ cup 618 18
Potato, baked, flesh only, 1 medium 610 17
Kidney beans, canned, 1 cup 607 17
Orange juice, 1 cup 496 14
Soybeans, mature seeds, boiled, ½ cup 443 13
Banana, 1 medium 422 12
Milk, 1%, 1 cup 366 10
Spinach, raw, 2 cups 334 10
Chicken breast, boneless, grilled, 3 ounces 332 9
Yogurt, fruit variety, nonfat, 6 ounces 330 9
Salmon, Atlantic, farmed, cooked, 3 ounces 326 9
Beef, top sirloin, grilled, 3 ounces 315 9
Molasses, 1 tablespoon 308 9
Tomato, raw, 1 medium 292 8
Soymilk, 1 cup 287 8
Yogurt, Greek, plain, nonfat, 6 ounces 240 7
Broccoli, cooked, chopped, ½ cup 229 7
Cantaloupe, cubed, ½ cup 214 6
Turkey breast, roasted, 3 ounces 212 6
Asparagus, cooked, ½ cup 202 6
Apple, with skin, 1 medium 195 6
Cashew nuts, 1 ounce 187 5
Rice, brown, medium-grain, cooked, 1 cup 154 4
Tuna, light, canned in water, drained, 3 ounces 153 4
Coffee, brewed, 1 cup 116 3
Lettuce, iceberg, shredded, 1 cup 102 3
Peanut butter, 1 tablespoon 90 3
Tea, black, brewed, 1 cup 88 3
Flaxseed, whole, 1 tablespoon 84 2
Bread, whole-wheat, 1 slice 81 2
Egg, 1 large 69 2
Rice, white, medium-grain, cooked, 1 cup 54 2
Bread, white, 1 slice 37 1
Cheese, mozzarella, part skim, 1½ ounces 36 1
Oil (olive, corn, canola, or soybean), 1 tablespoon 0 0

So there you have it. Stay Healthy.


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