Staying healthy this Holiday season

Staying healthy this Holiday season

Stressful ways the Holidays can affect your health.

The Holidays and winter can be wonderful but keep in mind the grinchy side effects, such as The common cold, and holiday stress.
The holiday season should be a time of relaxing. Depending on where you are, snow outside the living room window, fireplace flames and knowing you have a few days off, spending more time with your family and less time at work is great. Often the reality is shoveling snow, buying gifts in a rush and traveling madly to visit friends and family.

Many people that their stress levels are higher during the holiday season. It’s never the situation that causes the stress: it’s how we feel about the situation itself that makes us feel good or bad.

Here are a few ways that the Holidays can put stress on your health.

Saying “yes” to everything
If we are eating and we aren’t hungry, that's not good. When we say yes to every commitment, we get overextended. Drinking or over-eating is then a side effect. Say yes to what you really want to attend. Saying no to holiday parties means saying yes to your peace and health.

Drinking too much
Drinking too much alcohol when you’re hanging out with friends can be bad for your health and downright embarrassing, but drinking too much alcohol in front of your boss  or peers can be downright detrimental to your career.

Going to a place hungry
Going to any holiday party hungry erases any logical decision making when it comes to eating. Same goes for shopping. Don't do it. Eat a light snack before you go out.

Holiday health tips

- Digestion

maintaining a healthy diet all year round is the best way to avoid winter issues. A good, healthy diet should be not just be specific to the holidays. Eating your vegetables, and fruit in smaller servings of grains such as quinoa , organic grass-fed meat and wild-caught fish, as well as probiotics - fermented foods like sauerkraut, kimchi, kefir will ensure a strong immune system.

For me, the best part of the holidays is the food. However, the holidays can ruin more than your diet. Holiday Stress can lead to overeating, or digestive issues. As we all know, when we’re stressed, we choose foods high in sugar. If you usually don't overdo sugar, this overload, can wreak havoc on your gut. Making that solid choice to eat healthy, is tough. Don't go too overboard on the sugary feasting, as this can have a negative impact on the immune system, and feed some of the less friendly microorganisms. Fungus loves sugar. There are also some probiotic supplements that you can consider.

- The Sniffles

Stress, similar to sleeping less, overeating can impair your immune system, making you vulnerable to to infections and illnesses.
Plenty of studies on stress and have found that people who experience stress for an extended period of time ( sometimes even a few short days) suffer weakened immune systems. It is critical to reduce your stress levels to prevent getting sick, but if you feel it coming on, Jamieson’s start the zinc, echinacea, and vitamin C in high and constant doses.

- Sleep patterns

You finally have the time to rest, during the brief holidays, but you’re too stressed to fall asleep, or up too late. Short-term insomnia often follows- sleepless nights lead to sluggish days. Holidays thrown your sleep schedule off, we would add melatonin and magnesium supplements to your regimen to get your pattern back on track.

Jet lag can also mess you up. But we have ways to make the journey all the more smooth and easier to navigate. Consider Melatonin, 5 HTP and Magnesium.

Eating a balanced healthy diet with healthy proteins, fiber-rich carbohydrates, and fruits and vegetables is the key to survive. Eating consistently, at least three regular-sized meals a day with some healthy snacks - or even smaller meals with snacks in between.
Drinking herbal teas helps to calm and relax you. A green tea rich in antioxidants is best.

Good stress reducer foods include :

Omega-3 rich foods
Citrus fruits
Dark chocolate
Herbal teas

Quick Vitamin tips

- Recover faster from colds - vitamin C and echinacea
- Boost your immune system - vitamin E
- Lift your mood - vitamin D
- Stay energized - B vitamins
- Keep balance - multivitamins

So, enjoy the Holidays. Savor each moment. it will soon be another year, but look after your health, treat your body right.


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